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Benefits of Using Natural Ingredients To Clean

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Benefits of Using Natural Ingredients To Clean

When you have The Green Boutique Cleaning Company clean your house, you know that your home will be sparkly and smell wonderful. Do you know why it is so vitally important to refrain from using popular synthetic chemical cleaners?  Here are a few eye-opening reasons to keep it simple and natural.

Hazardous Waste


Cleaning-products If a truckload of this stuff is spilled on the highway, the area will be evacuated and a fully protected HAZMAT team will be called in to “clean it up”.

While the amount of these ingredients in any one container of product is small, do we really want to be spreading these hazardous chemicals around our homes?

A single exposure to a toxic chemical does not do much harm, but using the product each week, over and over for years, will cause these chemicals to accumulate in your body.

For The Next Generation

Imagine a new life, born with formaldehyde, hormone disruptors and cancer causing dioxins already present.  Frightening, isn’t it?

50df217ba8Chemicals that interfere with our delicate hormone balance are especially worrisome during pregnancy, when the developing baby’s hormone patterns are being established.  Abnormal hormone patterns trigger changes in your body that may not show up until decades later, with cancer, infertility, obesity, and many other health issues.

The only defense we have against this toxic assault on our bodies and our future children’s bodies is to avoid exposure to products that contain these ingredients.

For The Wildlife

Serpentine_lake_ducks.In cities, water treatment plants filter and remove only some of the toxins in our wastewater, and the majority of them will be discharged into the nearest body of water.  In rural areas, septic systems are designed only to trap solid waste, and any pollutants that are carried in the water are released into the ground, making their way into the water table and local bodies of water.  The end result of decades of this water pollution is some pretty scary things like frogs and fish with both male and female reproductive organs.

This cannot be a good thing for the future of our wildlife no matter how you look at it!

It has been said that any fish caught in any body of water around the world is carrying some level of toxic contamination that compromises its life and our lives when we eat them.

While we cannot realistically eliminate all sources of pollution in our waterways, we can certainly reduce it drastically simply by changing the products that we buy and use.

I love the expression “vote with your dollars”, because it really illustrates how we as consumers can influence much needed changes in the world. If we refuse to purchase toxic products, we encourage manufacturers to switch to making non-toxic products.

Much More Than Saving Money

The classic reason to use natural products is to save money, and who doesn’t want to do that?  But as you can see, the issue goes much deeper and involves much more than our own lives.

I always feel good knowing that my use of natural ingredients not only makes my life and my home more pleasant, but also has far reaching benefits to the world around me.

Sometimes the simplest of changes can have the most profound effects.

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