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We’re Your Top Choice For Toronto Green Cleaning Services

toronto green cleaning servicesIf you landed on this page you’re probably looking for Toronto  green cleaning services. Well it doesn’t get much greener than us. Keep reading…

Here at The Green Boutique Cleaning Company we offer 100% all natural, green, eco-friendly cleaning services. There are no chemicals, toxic substances, harmful solvents or scents in our cleaning services. When we say 100%, we meant it! We use vinegar, baking soda, castille soap, essential oils and lots of elbow grease!

We’ll leave your house looking great, smelling great AND without leaving a toxic trail behind us.

If you or a family member have allergies or sensitivities, cleaning without toxic cleaners is important. Don’t hire just anyone off a classified ad. You have no idea what kind of cleaning products they use or what kind of toxic air they leave behind.

We are committed to your family’s health and safety. Read more about this here on Our Commitment page and choose us for your Toronto green cleaning services.

We Service Toronto – Downtown, Etobicoke, North York & East York

If you live in Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, North York or East York or the Beaches, we’ve got you covered. Sorry…we haven’t added Scarborough to our service area yet. One day we will include Scarborough in our Toronto green cleaning services.

Live in the suburbs and work downtown? We also service Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton & Georgetown!

Our Methods of Cleaning Are The Safest Around

toronto green cleaning servicesVinegarDoes vinegar disinfect? Of course it does! Just as well as any Mr. Clean or Lysol! We use vinegar mostly on glass and mirrored surfaces as well as counters, trim and floors. We do NOT use vinegar on any natural stone surface!

Baking Soda – A disinfectant and mild abrasive. We use this mostly in sinks and toilets.

Castile Soap – An all natural, vegetable based soap. We use this in sinks, on counters, trim and anywhere a mild detergent is required.

Essential Oils – Got gunk? Essential oils are great for getting sticky gum, grease, oils and other sticky dirt off surfaces. We also leave a tiny drop of tea tree oil in each toilet after cleaning for a clean scent and to continue disinfection.

Diffuser – We diffuse essential oils while we clean. This serves two puposes: 1) leaves a great scent in your home (since vinegar and baking soda don’t), 2) breathing in air that’s been diffused with essential oils is a very healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toronto Cleaning Service

“Are you licensed, insured and bonded?”

YES! We are! Fully licensed with the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario. Insured for liability. Employees are all insured under WSIB. Each employee is screened for background checks and references are checked.

“What payment options do you accept?”

We accept personal or business cheques as well as Visa or Mastercard.

“What are your client policies?”

You can find our client policies here. You’ll be expected to sign off on these policies before your first appointment. But don’t’s all standard stuff.

“I love coming home to a spotless house on a Friday evening. Tracy and her team do a fantastic job! They are always meticulous, efficient and reliable. Plus, there is always a little treat for us to find when we get home (unless the kids found it first!!). Definitely worth it!”
Renee O., Mississauga, ON
“Very professional and hard working! My house was spotless and smelled amazing after they left! Best cleaners I’ve had, and completely chemical free! I would definitely recommend the green boutique to anyone looking for a cleaning service.”
Brittany P., Oakville, ON
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